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tv   [untitled]    November 15, 2012 10:30pm-11:00pm EST

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bought a bag of the big picture i'm tom hartman coming up in this half hour thanks to global warming and pollution coral reefs across the globe are disappearing at an alarming rate the same reefs also have to contend with toxic seaweed but new research suggests they have an ally in their fight for survival tell you all about it and it's science like an internet ads daily take yesterday president obama met with corporate leaders to get their thoughts on the impending fiscal cliff but they used to be a time in america when a strictly voluntary existed between corporations and the state and we get that boundary back and remove corporate interests from our government. a lot of your take my take live the phone lines are now open so if you want to tell me your opinion make a comment or ask a question why have on the air give us
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a call at two zero two nine zero four twenty one thirty four so now for the first call or the night steve in spokane washington hey steve what's up hey i just wanted to talk about the electronic voting machines. their. core. showing in keeping accurate count. the years i worked in a. hospital the mad nurses the so-called the bold machines to. set out man occasions and the nurses call them diebold and probably the more appropriate name for the as in diameter sheena connelly. yes because they didn't they didn't they didn't keep back her accurate count of the medications they couldn't even get the medications out of the machines. and to go in and help them reboot them several times they had
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representatives in amazing saving up correcting them i appreciate you calling in thank you very much and for sharing that with us george in philly george thank you very much for calling your take my take you live here on the on the big picture what's on your mind tonight. i just want to really say it's just a pleasure not to have to watch corporate driven news all the time to be able to get more truer picture of what's really happening in the world today and i just want to say thank you so much for providing that for. my pleasure our pleasure did you have a question or comment beyond that or was it just an appreciation call that was appreciation i also like to say that i just truly enjoyed the doing a political campaign there true and have said that you attacked the right wing the right wing motivated government here is just ridiculous it really has got to be totally ridiculous that we have people who would actually watch our country fall
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just to prove a point is very bad resume george appreciate call thank you very much very kind of you mark in toronto anoda. ninety eight mark while khaitan hi tom really want to see i appreciate your program too i'm up here in canada and i just want to let you know that the reason we've got a new phenomena appear cold sun news and your version of fox news right well you know i actually put your typically referred to it as fox news north but that's actually what the applied as with the original license approach really. kind of. simply republican. so it's just an interesting phenomena. actually come up here to change the debate is there a progressive equivalent in canada or is it just. the new fox news the canadian fox news versus the canadian broadcasting corporation c b c well i think we've got some
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really good public broadcasting and i think we've got some pretty high standards for c.b.c. ok well. yeah thank you thank you so much for calling sharing that with us mark and thanks for watching in canada surely in ninety nine surely welcome to the program and thanks so much for calling and for watching what's on your mind tonight . i want to talk about. i when he was a prisoner. how do. i understand what mccain did as a prisoner of war and was he making so much as could you please. help me. and people that he did ok. surely thank you for the call and i appreciate your passion i my understanding is that john mccain i mean there there
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were some stories about him not being the very best p.o.w. but i don't think the criticize a man who's in a prison camp during a time of war. whatever he did that's what you have to do to survive and i don't think it's for us to judge my take on what john mccain is doing in saying right now running around with this whole benghazi thing i mean today there was mccain held a press conference at noon to publicly criticize the president for not giving him the secret inside skinny on what's going on in gaza. when from eleven am to one pm in other words right through that press conference that mccain was holding the administration was holding a behind closed doors classified briefing for senators on the intelligence committee which is what it whichever committee it is a mccain is on and only only a couple i think was two or maybe three out of nine republican senators who were
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eligible to show up for this closed door hearing and actually get debriefed on what happened we've been ghazi showed up and mccain was not one of he didn't show up so what this says to me personally is my take on this is that mccain is still about having lost the election four years ago remember he he was beaten pretty badly by president obama and i think he just a sore loser hurly in ontario canada on the extension ninety two hurley welcome to the welcome to the program thanks for calling. the scope of things. last night and you might want to tell you america is not the movie is pretty cold up here we want to live in new and. the other one is is the health care system because a lot of the guests you get on sometimes talk about. you know you have to wait you have to wait six months and months and all that that's a lot of nonsense and i want to put an end to that if you're sick in this country
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and you need help immediately you get the idea that i have every time on my radio show somebody calls up and trashes the canadian health care system canadians just light up a line saying exactly what you're saying so early i appreciate the call thank you very much and thanks for watching us there in ontario lewis in saratoga california on extension ninety seven lewis thank you very much for calling what's on your mind and i thought thanks for the great show and and the other person the substitute for you he does a great job. for the phone it was like talking to him what i'm calling about is something that. when i was raised with was money years ago we never talked about middle class we were a classless society and more and more we talk about us being middle class citizens we're mid income students and we're not what happens the classless society that we have i wish they'd just change them calling people middle class all the time well
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louis i prefer your perspective and you're raising the topic. my recollection is that middle class upper class lower class whatever those phrases have been around for for my lifetime which i'm guessing is probably at least as long as yours but. and i mean you know maybe we should use words like the proletariat or something but i think that this is what is common usage is the common vernacular now so we're kind of stuck with it i prefer working class frankly we'll see tom and howard ohio what's on your mind tonight thank you for calling. i'm calling because of the report that the united states is going to be energy independent. within the next few years and i'm wondering if it's just a corporate propaganda to. the. obama administration. or push towards renewables. for the call appreciate it
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no it's not just propaganda the best of my knowledge it was an actual scientific study we are awash in natural gas right now because of fracking if fracking doesn't stop we will continue to have very very high levels of natural gas and what they're finding is that they can use very similar techniques to fracking or or identical techniques to fracking to bust up and pull out or oil as well it's a heavier oils like the oil that is going to be coming down that pipeline shale oil coming down the pipeline from canada if that's the case but the problem is making us energy independent doesn't mean that it's making its carbon independent these are all carbon fossil fuels fossil based carbon based fossil fuels bad for global warming bad for the environment we have to we have to move to a renewable form of energy james in philly james thanks for calling thanks for watching the program what's on your mind then. no you don't what's up. did make
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a big issue of but you know we're born with. yeah i think. i agree with you and i think this is you know hey it's sex and power and opera levels of government i think is so so you know i appreciate perspective in your concern and in fact i share i really have learned far more about general petraeus his sex life and that of several people around him than i really need to know or want to know frankly but let me just add one thing the f.b.i. agent who broke this poor who started this investigation you have to ask the question he never went to a judge to get a warrant and yet he's hacking into the e-mail of the of the head of the cia if the head of the cia's e-mail isn't secure from the f.b.i. because of the patriot act and the guy was able to use patriot act powers to do this if the head of the cia's e-mail isn't secure forget about you and me we need to rethink the patriot act number one and number two this guy was
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a republican he thought that the the you know the investigation was being stonewalled it wasn't going fast enough it was actually going just fine thank you might very much and you took it to eric cantor you know i think in the hopes that cantor would take it to fox news or something so they were trying to make it into something political we just have one minute left frank in chicago a frank what's on your mind tonight thanks for calm. you know. that even this was frank from chicago my way through my work for one of my big thank you. my question is was mitt romney trying to show his kids sportsmanship after the last few elections then went on the air and the president and i know how you want to go action. thank you frank i appreciate the call it really is a sad commentary on mitt romney the whole republican culture of victimhood which they've been living up i mean this is what these guys have been living on for
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the last thirty years is that they're victims ronald reagan kicked it off with you know we're all having to pay taxes so that the welfare queen can drive a cadillac down and get her welfare jacks a new york times said oh really where is this welfare queen oh i don't know and they went off looking for it for six months in new york times while looking for didn't exist that culture of victimization is still alive and well in the republican party and yeah i think that this is actually a very bad example that romney gave not just to his kids but everybody that's it for your take my take live thank you for all your calls if we didn't get to your calls and i trust back next week. after the break once upon a time in america there was a wall that separated the corporation from the government and today that wall has crumbled into a million pieces how do we rebuild that wall and make it higher than ever so that our nation can flourish without having to answer to corporate interests i'll tell you and tonight.
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it's thursday let's get geek quantic one of the biggest problems facing ocean ecosystems today is the dwindling number of healthy coral reefs which provide homes for hundreds of species of underwater creatures says the typical reasons for coral reefs decline like pollution another danger call reese face is coming in contact with invasive and deadly species of sea wheat left unchecked seaweed and seaweed algae can overrun a coral reef but now it appears that one killer seaweed touches one particular species of coral acar flora. that coral releases chemical compounds that signal certain varieties of fish to come to the corals aid and eat the seaweed this was
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a discovery made by researchers of the georgia institute of technology researchers first caged individual acra pora in a suit a corals for each of the corals the researchers either left some alone or they remove some of the creatures that rely on the coral for a home next researchers test of the reactions that the coral add to choro does decimus festive if is. one of the species of seaweed that is most dangerous and toxic to corals initially when the researchers attached the toxic seaweed to dangle near the coral the first group of fish known as damsel fish simply ignored the chemical calls for help from the corals and ignored the seaweed but two species of small goby fish that rely on the coral for shelter and home became like little hedge trimmers according to the researchers and trimmed down the seaweed both types of gobi fish chewed away at the seaweed until it was no longer brushing against the
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coral researchers found that the trigger that caused the gobi fish to eat away at the seaweed came from a chemical secreted by the coral it's. self the mutual beneficial beneficial relationship between the go a fish and the coral is a prime example of what nature is referred to as a symbiotic relationship but besides discovering a new symbiotic relationship what's the bottom line to all of this new research well the fact is there's an incredible amount of communication going on between organisms and among organisms in our environment and in the case of the coral in the gobi fish communication is essential for survival if we want nature and the environment around us to thrive and survive it's essential that we work to reduce the pollution curb the climate change that threatens to cut off these crucial lines of communication between organs.
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the father of our constitution james madison had an interesting take on the separation between church and state as he wrote to baptist church leaders in eighteen eleven and he was president he said i've always regarded the practical distinction between religion and civil government as essential to the purity of both madison knew that we shouldn't mix religion and government just to protect ourselves against the rise of the theocrats and not just to do that but also to preserve religion itself in its purest form free from political meddling both entities church and state are better off when they're separated entirely from each other. interestingly the same maxim holds true when it comes to corporation and state. when mixed both become corrupt not just the government but our
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founding fathers knew this all too well as they had rebelled not just against a monarchy in seven hundred seventy six but also against the world's largest transnational corporation the east india company just before the american revolution virtually all the members of the british parliament were stockholders of these two new company attempt had made their fortunes in that company and the company generously funded parliamentary elections sound familiar with parliament completely captured the east india company was then able to get what was then the biggest corporate tax cut in the history of the world it's called the seven hundred seventy three that allowed them to undercut independent t. distributors here in the colonies the costs were furious about this the walmart is ation of the tea business and they were spotted by dressing up like indians boarding east india company ships and throwing a million dollars worth of the into east india companies tea into boston harbor
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triggering the american revolutionary war that might explain why our founding fathers after independence specifically chose not to give corporations any rights in our constitution or even mention the word corporation at all in the entire document. but core corporate power in america is relentless within a hundred years of american independence morally bankrupt corporate slave masters in the south and rich bankers and industrialists in the north tore our nation apart into a civil war abraham lincoln was forced into an unholy alliance with those corporations in the north giving them enormous subsidies to build railroads across the nation to help the war effort and once the war was over the vanderbilt's the goulds the other railroad elites rose up with their fortunes corrupted our government and ushered in the robber baron era alarmed by this and the capture of the republican party by these robber barons and his eighteen eighty eight state of the union address
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president grover cleveland the only democrat to serve as president during the gilded age from the from the death of abraham lincoln until to woodrow wilson basically described the grim situation in america saying as we view of the achievements of aggregated capital we discover the existence of trusts combinations of monopolies all the citizens struggling far in the rear or as trampled to death beneath an iron field corporations we should be the carefully restrained creatures of the law and the servants of the people are fast becoming the people's masters this is from his state of the union address but by the year of the turn of the twentieth century working people were fighting back labor movements and grassroots populism force the president teddy roosevelt republican roosevelt to say in one nine hundred twelve to be foul the holy alliance between corporate business.
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business and politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day. roosevelt finally constructed a wall separating corporation and state it was known as the tillman it passed in one thousand seven it was the very first law ever limiting corporate money in our elections at the federal level as the law states it shall be unlawful for any national bank or any corporation organized by authority of any laws of congress to make a money contribution in connection with any election to any political office those corporations the broke this law were subject to big fines and executives faced hard prison time corporate corrupted government had lit the fuse to war twice and ruled during an era of unprecedented abuse of working people in the united states with the tillman act roosevelt hoped a complete separation between the two would defend against the same mistakes of the past unfortunately he was wrong a decade later just
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a decade later republican warren harding won the presidency on a platform that literally promised quote less government and business more business and government and quote that was a campaign slogan more scandals followed corrupting our government business was corrupted to having gotten what they wanted in fewer regulations and lower taxes corporations went on a speculative frenzy the nine hundred twenty s. wrong creating massive real estate and stock market bubbles that eventually burst in one nine hundred twenty nine triggering the republican great depression and adding to the rap sheet of the consequences of the unholy alliance between corporations state there was president franklin roosevelt describing the horrors of corporate government in one nine hundred thirty six. we're at the bubble with the old testament of the. business and from that the monopoly vacuum and reckless banking class i'm talking to them like some of them profiteering. they had
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become sort of the government of the united states as a new appendage so that our own up. and we you know know that government by. monday. have gotten much by are going to mop now fast forward twenty ten with its citizens united decision the u.s. supreme court overturned that wall separating corporations and state that wall known as the tillman act for the first time in over a century corporations could spend unlimited money influencing our elections and our government the robber barons this time under names like coke and abel soon returned with their corporate war chests overflowing with political blood money americans that are well aware of corporate monies corrosive impact on our government there's the lobbying the revolving door the crony capitalism the super pacs the dark money groups the undeniable slant of all legislation favoring the
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billionaire class over the working class but fewer americans are aware of the similar corrupting influence back on business itself if there's one thing the corporate elite who gave hundreds of millions of dollars to karl rove to buy the election should learn from last tuesday it's that they would be better off just focusing on their own damn business called baron robert murray recently announced he's laying off one hundred sixty three people. because he says president obama was reelected he claims the do to in obama's second term his country must go into survival mode it is company murray energy wasn't in trouble just weeks before the election when robert murray shelled out one hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions to karl rove's super pac or when he spent another three million dollars on lobbying and other political contributions just over the past year after all those failed tries to buy seats for republican politicians robert murray claims
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his company just can't afford to keep workers on the payroll any more but what if he had all this political contributions back he could easily keep those people and there's applebee's franchisees saying angle who gave thousands to republican politicians this election cycle and is now promising to lay off workers as he doesn't want to comply with the obamacare mandate of providing health insurance to his employees this election alone with the wall of the tillman act and rubble outside groups financed mostly by corporate money spent over a billion dollars trying to defeat president obama and progresses on top of that the u.s. chamber of commerce opened up its coffers this year and spent an additional ninety five million dollars lobbying our government in two thousand and nine and two thousand and ten the chamber spent roughly one hundred fifty million dollars each year this flood of corporate money into our politics whether through lobbying or
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electioneering happens every single year in america corrupting our democratic institutions but also corrupting our private sector economy. how many more millions of americans would be working today if we're rather than investing a billion dollars in mitt romney the corporate elite had invested a billion dollars in research and development for new factories or hiring new workers rather than spending one hundred million dollars lobbying this year what if the corporate elite had used that money to give their workers health insurance or pensions or better wages sure by unwinding their tentacles around washington d.c. the corporate elite might lose some on some small fraction of their own individual fortunes they might have to pay a little more in taxes and subsidies for shipping jobs overseas subsidies might just disappear but in the long run with a healthier more productive and more satisfied workforce their businesses would call grow and flourish and so too would their own wealth it's time to rebuild that wall separating corporation and state for which teddy roosevelt laid the
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cornerstone more than one hundred years ago. and that's the way it is tonight thursday or fifth two thousand and twelve and i'll forget the markets it begins when you get out there get added to your. download the official ati application to itself choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites from matsushita now t.v. is not required to watch on t.v. all you need is your mobile device to watch r.t. in any time any kind of. resistance is not politics but a culture. is
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